Amazon Ion Hash defines an algorithm for constructing a hash for any Ion value. For a given Ion value and consistent hash function, the algorithm guarantees hashing the value will always produce the same hash, independent of the value’s encoding (text or binary). The hash function to use is not declared by the specification—this enables the user to select the hash function most appropriate to their use case.

Ion hash is useful when determining whether two Ion values represent the same value, or determining whether an Ion value has changed. For example, a storage system might use Ion hashes to assert the integrity of its data.

For more information, see the Ion Hash Specification.

Latest News

Ion Hash .NET 1.1.1 Released
31 May 2022

This release replaces Amazon.IonDotnet version reference with wildcard 1.*

The Amazon.IonHashDotnet package is available via NuGet.

Release Notes Ion Hash .NET

Ion Hash Python 1.2.1 Released
10 September 2021

This release adds a faster implementation of _IonNature.ion_hash, precomputes several commonly used byte arrays, and adds details to the README’s setup instructions.

This package is available at PyPI.

Release Notes Ion Hash Python

Ion Hash Go 1.1.2 Released
13 July 2021

This release updates ion-go to v1.1.3.

The ion-hash-go package is available via GitHub.

Release Notes Ion Hash Go

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